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What is Vaping

Vaping is the current preferred term used by people who use electronic cigarettes. In vaping, electronic cigarette liquid (also known as e-liquid or “e-juice”) is vaporized (thus the term “vaping”) by some type of heating element. Power is supplied to the heating element by a battery.

What are the Benefits of Vaping?
• No Carcinogens/Tar
• No Secondhand Smoke
• No More Bad/Smoker’s Breath
• No More Offensive Smoke
• No Ash
• No Fire / No Flame
• Cheaper than Cigarettes
• More Cost Effective/Saves Money
• No Butts
• Less Waste
• Smoking Alternative\Alternative to Smoking
• Non –intrusive

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Fusion Vape e-liquids are specially formulated at a 70PG ratio to provide an extreme vaping experience. Flavors are bold and blended to perfection.

Fusion Vape e-liquids are available in 2 sizes: 10ml & 15ml

Fusion Vape e-liquids are available in multiple nicotine strengths:
• 24mg
• 18mg
• 12mg
• 6mg
• 0mg


Item Description Unit Price
650 Blister pack w/usb charger $34.99
900 blister pack w/usb charger $34.99
CE4 650mah starter kit $69.99
CE4 900mah starter kit $74.99
ego twist 900 battery $34.99
Vivi nova tank (3.5fl oz) $12.99
Vivi nova tank (2.5) (2.5fl oz) $11.99
ego lanyard $3.99
Fusion Vape medium case $9.99
eGO battery adaptor sleeve # 2 $2.99
eGO battery adaptor sleeve # 3 $2.99
eGO USB charger $8.99
USB wall charger $8.99
USB car charger $11.99
Replacement atomizer $3.99
15ml Fusion Vape e-liquid $12.99
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